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New patient questionnaire: Online or PDF

Annual demographics update: online or PDF

HIPAA acknowledgement

Consent to obtain medical records

Blood pressure log

Postural blood pressure log

Instructions for you

Nuclear stress test instructions

Heart cath and angiogram instructions

Venous disease screening

Peripheral artery disease (PAD) screening 

Care after pacemaker / defibrillator / loop recorder

Consent forms

Holter monitor

Nuclear stress test

Stress test

Tilt table test

Venous ablation

Information about specific medical conditions

Atrial fibrillation: PDF1, PDF2, PDF3, PDF4, PDF5, Video, Video2-shock , Watchman: PDF , Video 

High blood pressure (HTN): PDF1, PDF2 , PDF3, PDF4, PDF5 , PDF6 , PDF7 , Video 

Heart Attack: Angina , Chest pain , CAD , Calcium Scoring, PDF1, PDF2, PDF3, PDF4, PDF5, PDF6 , Video 

Dr. Javeed interview on alcohol consumption: MP3 

Heart failure (CHF): PDF1 , PDF2 , PDF3 , PDF4 , Video 

High Cholesterol: PDF1, PDF2, PDF3, PDF4, PDF5, PDF6, PDF7, Video1, Video2 

Heart valve problems: PDF1, Aortic stenosis 1, 2, 3, Mitral valve disease PDF / Video 

Peripheral Vascular disease: PDF1, PDF2, PDF3, DVT, DVT1, Venous ablation, Venecava filter, AAA repair, Femoral bypass 


Heart cath / Angiogram / Stent: PDF1, PDF2, PDF3, Video1 , Video2 , Video3, Video4 , Video5 

Pacemaker / Defibrillator / Heart monitor: PDF1, PDF2 , PDF3 , PDF4 , Video 

Tests: Echo PDF / Video; TEE PDF / Video; Exercise stress, Medication stress, Tilt table test 

Heart surgery PDFs: Preparation, Bypass surgery, Valve surgery, Recovery, After surgery, TAVR1, TAVR2, TAVR3 

Heart surgery videos: Bypass surgery, TAVR, Valve surgery 

Healthy Living

Calculate your risk of heart disease: Online1 , Online2 , Ios app , Android app 

Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculator: Online , Ios app , Android app 

SmartBP BP tracking app: Ios , Android